UcD180 Stereo Kit | UcD® | Stereo Amplifier Kit

Build your own high-performance stereo amplifier based on the UcD180HG HxR modules from Hypex.

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Build your own high-performance stereo amplifier based on the UcD180HG HxR modules from Hypex.



  • All-in-on stereo amplifier kit
  • Easy assembly and no soldering required
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Very low distortion over whole frequency range
  • Neutral and transparent reproduction
  • Small form factor


Product details

Hypex UcD180 2x180W Stereo Kit


The UcD technology is a high performance and reliable amplifier technology. The UcD amplifier modules stand out in our amplifier modules category, due to their unique circuit topology. They have a flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency-independent distortion behavior and very low radiated and conducted EMI.


This kit contains everything you need to build your own UcD stereo amplifier. The main parts for this kit are two UcD180HG HxR amplifier modules, SMPS400A180 power supply and a black anodized aluminum case. The amplifier modules and power supply combination enable high and reliable performance from the UcD technology. The black anodized case provides good heat dissipation, protection and a small form factor.


Along the main parts, this kit includes everything else you need to build a powerful high-quality monoblock amplifier. Assembly only requires proper positioning, bolts to be tightened and connectors to be clicked. Anybody comfortable with a screwdriver can build this amazing stereo amplifier.


Whats In The Box

  • 2x UcD180HG HxR amplifier module
  • SMPS400A180 switch mode power supply
  • Aluminum enclosure
  • All internal cables
  • All needed mounting materials
  • 2x input XLR connectors
  • 2x binding posts (pair)
  • On/Off Switch
  • IEC C14 power connector (including fuse)
  • IEC C13 power cable


Amplifier type
Amplifier kit