SB42FHCL75-6 15" honeycomb cone Subwoofer 6 Ohm

Light weight rigid honeycomb cone, hard paper honeycomb with fiber glass skin layers

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  • Light weight rigid honeycomb cone (hard paper honeycomb with fiber glass skin layers)
  • 3" copper voice coil for improved power handling
  • Long life silver lead wires
  • Vented pole piece for minimum compression
  • Vented cast aluminum chassis for optimum strength and low compression
  • Low damping rubber surround for improved dynamic linearity
  • Non-conducting fiber glass voice coil former for minimum damping
  • Large motor system


Product details

SB Acoustics SB42FHCL75-6 15" honeycomb cone Woofer


SB Acoustics SB42FHCL75-6 SubWoofer is SB Acoustics renowned 15" High Power (300W) High Efficiency (93 dB) 15" 6 ohm subwoofer. Featuring a high efficiency low damping rubber surround, a very rigid Honeycomb Fiberglass cone, 3" voice coil. Very open cast frame for minimal reflections. Fs 18.4Hz, X-Max 23 mm (p-p), good response curve.


Data sheet

6 Ohm
Driver type
93 dB (2.83V/1m)
Resonance frequency (fs)
18.4 Hz
DC resistance (Re)
4.6 Ohm
Mechanical Q (Qms)
Electrical Q at Fs (Qes)
Total Q factor (Qts)
Speaker diameter
Voice coil inductance (L)
2.1 mH
Effective mechanical mass incl air load (mms)
166 g
Effective piston radiating area (Sd)
850 cm2
Force factor (BL)
16.7 Tm
Equivalent volume of compliance (Vas)
462 liters
Overall diameter
417 mm
Mounting diameter
377 mm