Speaker kits

Finding a reliable carpenter with speaker building skills - and time - is not so easy as one might think. With our selected high-end speaker kits you will get the knock down MDF cabinet - no extra charge.

Speaker kits with cabinets


  • Bookshelf

    Bookshelf speakers are a good choice for small and medium sized listening rooms. They meant to be placed on an elevated surface (typically a stand) to maintain ideal listening position (tweeter at ear level).

  • Floorstanding

    Floorstanding speakers are the choice of medium to big listening rooms.

  • Subwoofers

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These speakers are like roadsters, spyders, speedsters, and barchettas. They are meant to be small, cool, and fun to listen to. They're for private listening, and enjoying the music, and leaving your cares someplace else, miles away. They are not the cheapest speakers on the block. but you get what you pay for: a well-engineered woofer with a massive...

Loire Top


Loire Top stands for the upper part of the floorstanding Loire. Loire top contains a 30 mm dome Wavecor TW030WA10 with silk membrane and a 18 cm woofer Wavecor WF182BD12 with glass fibre fabric membrane. The box is constructed as a closed box, which provides a very clean, dry bass. The housing consists of 6 plates, it is easy to build.

Classix II


Did you ever eat at a restaurant so upscale that the entrees took several sentences to describe, and contained ingredients so exotic that you wonder if they made them up? When they bring your food to you, it's perfectly centered on a giant plate, and the garnishes take up more space than the actual food. You eat your small dish, pay the exorbitant bill,...