SB34NRX75-16 12" Woofer 16 ohm

This new 16 ohm 12″ woofer from SB Acoustic features a low distortion motor system, paper cone with rubber surround, cast Aluminum frame and 75mm voice coil. The woofer would make a fine low frequency driver for a premium 3-way system, or put two in paral

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  • Designed for open baffle
  • High flow venting center pole
  • 3" CCAW voice coil
  • Low dampening surround
  • Non-inductive voice coil former
  • Proprietary cone materials made-in-house
  • Cast Aluminium chassis


Product details

SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-16 12" Woofer


The SB Acoustics SB34NRX75-16 12" woofer uses a large 3" voice coil on a cast aluminium chassis. Hard Paper proprietary cone materials made in-house for consistency. Low damping SBR rubber surround with high exertion and resilience. Open structure cast frame for reduced reflections and compression. Aluminium alloy for light weight, non-magnetic and extra rigidity. Shorting Copper cap on pole piece. Non-inductive 75mm coil former. Especially designed for open baffle designs but also works well in large sealed enclosures.


Data sheet

16 Ohm
Driver type
86 dB 2.83V/1m
Frequency range
24-500 Hz
Resonance frequency (fs)
24.5 Hz
DC resistance (Re)
14 Ohms
Mechanical Q (Qms)
Electrical Q at Fs (Qes)
Total Q factor (Qts)
Speaker diameter
Power handling
200 W
Voice coil inductance (L)
3.2 mH
Effective mechanical mass incl air load (mms)
72 g
Effective piston radiating area (Sd)
508 cm2
Force factor (BL)
14.5 Tm
Equivalent volume of compliance (Vas)
216 l
Overall diameter
346 mm
Mounting diameter
305 mm