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Our company advocates the postulate that the health is the biggest value in our lives. The point is that science and nature are easily combined in products that we are glad to offer you today. Our goal is to help you stay healthy as well as gorgeous at the same time. Soon you’ll discover how it is possible to use organic cosmetics for your body.

You can shop with the confidence that you are in the place which has over twenty years of experience in organic cosmetics industry. We’ve collected all our knowledge to deliver you only the best organic, biodynamic, natural, wild-harvested cosmetology brands in the world.

Also you can always contact our consultants that are always glad to provide you with full information about our goods and natural products that are used in the process of production of organic cosmetics. Our goal is to satisfy all our clients despite of their age, gender and race with premium, modern, effective alternatives to conventional beauty products.

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Jantzen Audio Alumen Z-Cap

€29.40 -3% €28.52

Ultra-thin dielectric insulation to eliminate memory effect in the capacitor An extremely fast reacting capacitor Very low ESR, SEL, inductance and dielectric absorption data High quality pure aluminum foil wound with highly specialized machinery and precision winding techniques Specifically designed for the tweeter and mid-range section of passive...

Jantzen Audio Silver Z-Cap

€15.00 -3% €14.55

Jantzen Audio Silver Capacitors are an axial type made from metallized polypropylene. specifically manufactured for audio purposes with no need for pre-aging. SILVER Z-CAP is the most detailed and smooth sounding Capacitor. Our Z-cap Silver has a special inner structure for improved listening experience. The materials we use are chosen for the best...

Jantzen Audio Superior Z-cap

€8.04 -3% €7.80

Jantzen Audio Superior Z-cap is an axial type made from metallized polypropylene, especially manufactured for audio purposes, utilizing materials for the best possible sonic results. To secure the excellent quality of these caps SUPERIOR Z-caps have high grade copper lead wires. Special equipment is used for winding Silver Z-caps, minimizing inner...