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ClarityCap has been manufacturing high quality audio grade capacitors for over 30 years and more and more people are appreciating the difference that a ClarityCap capacitor makes to sound quality.

Working from our dedicated facility, we have designed and manufactured metallised plastic film capacitors for use in audio applications since 1974.

Over the years we have continually developed our materials, processes and systems to ensure you can listen to the difference a ClarityCap makes.

Through partnerships with university research teams, the very best high end audio manufacturers and end users we have been able to enhance and expand our range to offer a comprehensive solution for all your audio capacitor requirements.

Our audio grade capacitor ranges cover almost any requirement in high end audio systems from just 10nF (0.010uF) to over 200uF and in the case of power supply capacitors up to 1000uF in a single component. ClarityCap capacitors are used extensively in audiophile systems: loudspeaker crossover circuits; valve amplifier power supplies and signal paths; pre-amplifiers; phono-amplifiers; power conditioners.

In professional audio markets our capacitors can be found loudspeakers, guitar amplifiers, effects pedals, and even guitars themselves.

Perhaps equally importantly we do not just market and sell capacitors. We manufacture all the capacitors that bear our name in our own facility. Being a manufacturer is the only way to control the every aspect of the capacitor’s characteristic to ensure that every ClarityCap offers the same high quality and performance time after time. The company has for many years been approved to ISO 9001.

Manufacturing also allows us to offer flexibility and customisations that are not generally available from other suppliers in the high end audio market - view details on our custom products. Many of our high end audio customer’s choose to use their branding, corporate colours or preferred lead outs, meaning that you may not always realise just how many high end audio contain ClarityCap capacitors!

Claritycap products are respected and valued all over the world and our our global dealer network allows smaller OEMS and end users to take advantage of the same great products used by many of the worlds leading high end audio companies.

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ClarityCap SA

€5.40 -3% €5.24

The SA range of capacitors is widely recognized as a sensibly priced premium audio grade capacitor. Time and time again users are astounded by the performance to price. The capacitor was developed in conjunction with a well known and highly respected manufacturer of loudspeakers and has since become the product of choice for many manufacturers around the...