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80AM2 Multichannel ICEmatch Amplifier Module

The ICEpower 80AM2 is a 2-channel, class D amplifier with single ended outputs from the ICEmatch series.

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  • High-quality multi-channel amplification system
  • Very flexible
  • Compact size fits 1U 19” rack systems
  • Fully integrated audio power solution
  • Thermal protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Protection against DC on output
  • Control pins allow easy control and status indication


Product details

ICEpower 80AM2 Multichannel ICEmatch Amplifier Module


The ICEpower 80AM2 is a 2-channel, Class D amplifier with single-ended outputs from the ICEmatch series. ICEmatch is a flexible multi-channel solution with amazing sound quality and endless design freedom. ICEmatch is buildup out of two separate modules; this amplifier module and the 400SM power supply. The 80AM2, pared with the 400SM power supply is the natural choice in multi-channel audio applications, custom installation systems and active speaker designs. The unique flexibility and intelligent features make ICEmatch stand out in our amplifier module category


The 80AM2 is based on ICEpower’s HCOM modulation and control techniques. It delivers crisp and clear audio in 2 x 80 W at 4Ω. In audio terms, this simply translates to a natural, relaxed and dynamic sound with excellent stereo perspective, and a tightly controlled bass that will do justice to any recording in your collection. Bridging is easily done by connecting the two balanced inputs in anti-phase and activating the BT sync input. This creates a single powerful channel capable of 160 watts at 8 Ω. In BTL mode the amplifier will drive a 4Ω speaker, but the amplifier will heat up more quickly, thus the optimum speaker load impedance is 6Ω to 8Ω in BTL mode.


What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x 80AM2 Multichannel ICEmatch Amplifier Module
  • Cable set:
    • 1 x (T) Speaker 
    • 1 x (BE) Signal/Control Input

Data sheet

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