400A2 | Amplifier Module

The 400A2 two channel amplifier module, capable of high output power with outstanding sound quality from a small footprint.

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  • 2x 400 watt SE amplifier or a single channel 800 watt BTL amplifier
  • Designed for flexible mounting
  • Thermal, over-current and over- and under-voltage rail protection
  • Clip detect signals for both channels
  • Real-time voltage monitor output for both channels
  • Suitable for 1U products
  • Fully differential audio inputs


Product details

ICEpower 400A2 Amplifier Module


The 400A2 two-channel amplifier module, capable of high output power with the outstanding sound quality from a small footprint. It is the most powerful hanger module from the ICEpower AS-series in our amplifier module category. The 400A2 incorporates the latest in state of the art, custom and patented ICEedge Chipset technology. This allows for high voltage gain and superior sound quality with an ultra-low noise floor, of a typical 34 µV for a signal-to-noise ratio of 121.5 dB. This efficient audio power amplifier is intended for driving two 4Ω loudspeakers or one 8Ω speaker in BTL mode. It is specifically designed to work well with the 1500S-69V power supply module. 


This amplifier module provides extended protection and monitoring functions with an easy-to-use control interface. Additionally, dedicated monitor outputs for loudspeaker connector output voltage enables a real-time protection system of the loudspeaker. The 400A2 is designed for high output power, making it ideal for applications requiring sustained output power and high output voltage not only for home hi-fi but also for demanding studio monitors and high-performance amplifiers for PRO audio speakers as well. The integrated aluminium heatsink can easily be extended to an external heatsink for improved long term output power.


The similar-sized 300A2 offers less output power but works from the DC hanger bus of the 1200AS1 or 1200AS2


Cable set

The included cable set gives access to all the features of the 400A2 module. The kit contains cables with all the right connectors on one end. The other ends are left unterminated so you can terminate the wires with the connections of your choice.


What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x 400A2 amplifier module
  • Cable set:
    • 1 x (NA) Audio input 2 channel
    • 1 x (NH) Hanger Small Signal Supply
    • 2 x (F) 2pole Universal Speaker
    • 1 x (NK) Basic+ control/features (16 pins)
    • 1 x (NG) Hanger Rail Supply

Data sheet

Amplifier type
Amplifier module