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These speakers are like roadsters, spyders, speedsters, and barchettas. They are meant to be small, cool, and fun to listen to. They're for private listening, and enjoying the music, and leaving your cares someplace else, miles away. They are not the cheapest speakers on the block. but you get what you pay for: a well-engineered woofer with a massive underhung motor, and a true ribbon tweeter. The result is a speaker that provides plenty of detail and dynamics, but in a very small cabinet. Depending on how you finish them, they can disappear into the decor of a room, or be showcased like the little luxury item they are. (Price is for 1 piece. You need 2 for a stereo pair.)

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See full desciption at https://sites.google.com/site/undefinition/bookshelf-speakers/speedster

Components :

  • 1 x Fountek NeoCD1.0
  • 1 x Tang Band W4-1720
  • 3 x Jantzen audio Z-cap capacitors
  • 3 x Jantzen audio air-core audio coils
  • 2 x Dayton audio wirewound resistors


Data sheet

Paul Carmody

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