Motherboard ICEbricks 2 x 400W

The Motherboard-1 from ICEpower allows customers to easily evaluate and design with the ICEbricks.
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  • Reference design for ICEbricks Engine-400 and AUX-plant modules
  • Allow very fast integration in product. Shorten the time from early design to mass production.
  • Combines two Engine-400 and one AUX-plant
  • Insures well-defined high audio performance and functionality
  • Comprehensive colour LED status output for VDR, over-voltage, VA, clipping/current limiting and over-temp protection
  • Easy status operation overview


Product details

ICEpower Motherboard | ICEbricks


The Motherboard-1 from ICEpower allows customers to easily evaluate and design with the ICEbricks. ICEbricks are a revolutionary way for building amplifiers using super compact, stripped-down, high-end building blocks. The approach and quality is not only unique among our amplifier modules category but also unparalleled by any other amplifier product. 


This evaluation board houses two Engine-400, one AUX-plant, storage capacitors, supervision, balanced input buffers, and connectors to connect it to a +/- DC-source. It is the fastest and most convenient way of testing the performance of a system built on ICEbricks products. The Engine-400 is a super-compact, 400-watt amplifier module with excellent audio characteristics such as 100 kHz bandwidth, low distortion, low output impedance and excellent large signal-to-noise performance. The ICEbricks AUX-plant is a power plant specifically designed to supply the VA+/- and VDR voltages for the Engine-400. The Motherboard-1 adds balanced input buffers with the possibility to set gain, under/over voltage supervision circuitry, thermal supervision circuitry, and start-up delay. It displays the status of all features with different colour LEDs and it has a connector available for accessing the VA+/- supplies in order to supply additional circuits like a DSP or pre-amp. Large electrolytic storage caps are also included.